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Washington DC wedding photographer
Washington DC wedding photographer

It all started when I was 12, and my Mom put her old film camera in my hands. I spent hours out in the garden, capturing the beauty of nature, anticipating that this passion for me, my Mom, Grandma, and Great-Grandma would forever be a hobby. 


History has been a big part of my life, just like photography. The history I have always enjoyed the most is my own family. I enjoyed looking through old photographs of my Grandma during the Great Depression and the camera my great-grandmother used to capture her children.


 You can’t go back and capture history, but you can play a part in creating it. I’m so honored that I can now make a visual history for future generations to treasure.

As a fourth-generation photographer, you could say it is quite literally in my DNA...

*my great grandmother's 1925 camera*


"We cannot imagine having used anyone else to photograph our special day. She was so kind and accommodating and we would not change a single thing.”

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