Photography & Creative Small Business Education

Creative small business coaching is a one on one mentor session that focuses on getting clients in your inbox and enjoying the freedom of being your own boss. 

These sessions help photographers and creative entrepreneurs build a business where they can work from home, make their own schedule and do something they love!


Collection One - $400

This collection is for a one on one in person coaching session at my home office in Leesburg, Virginia. This coaching session includes professional headshots in Historic Leesburg, while going over camera settings, lighting and posing, followed by an editing tutorial. We will focus heavily on social media marketing, personal branding & content creation. You'll leave this coaching session with everything you need to start getting clients into your inbox!

Collection Two - $250

This collection is for a one on one virtual coaching session that can take place over facetime, skype or just a normal phone call (if you want to stay in your pjs). This coaching session is for photographers and creative small business owners. It will focuses heavily on social media marketing, personal branding, content creation & other ways to start booking the work you want!

frequently asked questions

Do I need to have a website?

Nope! You can have an online portfolio or nothing at all!

What camera equipment do I need? (photographer)

You'll need to have at least a DSLR (a camera that has a manual mode option)


Do I get to use my headshot images?

Of course! A big part of personal branding is sharing photos of yourself, so I'll be encouraging you to use them!

Can I still benefit from a coaching session if I'm not a photographer?

Yes! Absolutely! A big chunk of my sessions focus on social media marketing (basically how to get clients and a following on instagram). Creative small business owners can make this happen just as easily as photographers, and I'll teach you how!

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